Forest creatures

In our dance lessons we have been exploring how we can use our bodies to help us to become different forest creatures. We started by thinking about how we can create various tree shapes and then built this up to create a range of animal freezes and movements. We are looking forward to choreographing our own forest dance using all of our ideas.

The Great Fire of London

This year we are learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’. Here are some of the links we will be using in class. – web based game that shows you the fire though a child’s perspective. – horrible histories great fire music video. – Newsround style report on the fire of London. – video of a miniature model of London for 1666 burning on the bank of the Thames. – myth busting video by horrible histories – video of a teacher burning cardboard model houses to explain the fire. Can we do this? panoramic view of the great fire of london

Compound Word Games

In phonics some of the children are learning that sometimes two separate words can make a new word with a different meaning. These are called compound words.

Here are some games



Super shades

In recent art lessons we have been developing our sketching and powder paint skills. We created a shape representing a jellyfish tentacle or a seaweed swirl and then we used a steady hand to fill in our outline. It was really important that we mixed our powder paint carefully to give us varying shades.

How to…

Today we worked together in pairs to create a cheese sandwich. At each step we thought about a suitable sentence that could be used within a set of instructions. We worked hard to use different time conjunctions and imperative verbs.

Careful instructions!

In our English lessons we have been exploring what is needed to create a good set of instructions. This week we developed our instruction giving skills by sitting back to back with a partner and giving them commands as to how to build a specific tower. It was really interesting and made us think carefully about the order in which we gave our instructions as well as the words that we were using. Ask us about time conjunctions and imperative verbs to see what we can remember!



Today Class 5 and Class 6 explored our local area. We looked really carefully at the buildings that are in Ecton Brook and identified detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and bungalows. Amazingly we also spotted two schools, a shop, a doctors surgery and a pharmacy. It was great fun exploring the area around us!