How to…

Today we worked together in pairs to create a cheese sandwich. At each step we thought about a suitable sentence that could be used within a set of instructions. We worked hard to use different time conjunctions and imperative verbs.

Careful instructions!

In our English lessons we have been exploring what is needed to create a good set of instructions. This week we developed our instruction giving skills by sitting back to back with a partner and giving them commands as to how to build a specific tower. It was really interesting and made us think carefully about the order in which we gave our instructions as well as the words that we were using. Ask us about time conjunctions and imperative verbs to see what we can remember!



Today Class 5 and Class 6 explored our local area. We looked really carefully at the buildings that are in Ecton Brook and identified detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and bungalows. Amazingly we also spotted two schools, a shop, a doctors surgery and a pharmacy. It was great fun exploring the area around us!

Marvellous maths!

In our Maths lessons we have been working hard to understand the place value of different digits in a 2 digit number. We used Dienes resources to help us to create a range of different numbers. In our most recent lessons we are beginning to use this knowledge to help us to order and compare numbers.

Welcome to Year 2! How can you help?

Welcome to year 2 for all parents and children. Our Blog will share information and the children’s learning. Below is some information about our classroom routines and ways you can help with your children’s learning.

Class information:

  • Learning logs need to be handed in on Mondays. ¬†Your child should complete at least one piece of homework a week.
  • Mathletics homework has been set and we will be checking this weekly on a Wednesday.
  • Class 5 and 6 will have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. Class 17 will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday. ¬†Please ensure that children have PE kit in school and earings are removed on these days.


  • Reading is a key focus for year 2.
  • We will be reading with your child regularly, focusing on fluency and understanding.
  • Your child may be sent home with a text more than once, to ensure they can read it fluently and understand what they have read.
  • Please read and discuss books with your child at home at least four times a week, as this has the greatest impact on their overall learning.