Happy holidays!

The Year 2 team would like to wish you all a happy, safe and relaxing summer. Please can we also take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all of the lovely cards and gifts that we received at the end of term. We are very grateful. Well done to all of the children this year for working so hard and for making great achievements.

We look forward to hearing all about your holidays. See you in September!

Miss Cooper, Mrs Carsberg and Mr Whitfield

Amazing adventure stories!

We have been working especially hard over the last couple of weeks to create our own adventure stories. After looking at the book ‘Bob – Man on the Moon’ we decided to plan and write our own stories developing an adventure that could happen to Bob during one of his visits to the moon. Once we had completed our first draft we then created a final piece using our best Kinetic Letters. We even added an illustration using our fantastic pencil and watercolour painting skills. Our teachers are very proud of our writing and we loved reading and sharing them with some of the Year 1 children!

Young visitors!

In Science we have been learning about how humans change as they grow. Last week we wrote a list of questions that we would like to ask about how to look after babies and toddlers and how to keep them healthy. Today we had some special visitors who we were able to ask our questions to. Thank you very much to our young visitors and their accompanying adults for visiting us this afternoon!

Shooting to the stars!

We have been busy making rockets over the past few days. Using research we thought carefully about the parts we needed to include on our rocket to make it fly successfully. Our finished rockets had nose cones, delta wings and some even had tail fins and engines.

This morning Class 5 launched their rockets on the field. The furthest distance one of our rockets flew was an impressive 11 metres!

Out of this world trip!

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Space Centre yesterday.  It was great to see objects such as spacesuits, space food, parts of space shuttles and even space toilets up  close!  There were lots of hands on and interactive activities for us all to get involved with.  We learnt about lots of interesting things including the first moon landing, information about various astronauts and how the force of gravity varies on the different planets and we even tried to lift tins of beans which were the weight as they would be on the planets in our solar system.  We were also fortunate enough to go into the Planetarium and watch an amazing film about astronauts including how they make sure they remain healthy while they are away in space.

It was a great day that was enjoyed by all!

Fire engine fun!

Today the children on Ecton Brook Campus were very lucky and received a visit from the Red Watch Fire Crew of Moulton Fire Station.  We found out lots of interesting and important facts during our classroom workshop including how to keep ourselves safe at home.  Amazingly we looked around the fire engine that the crew brought with them and were even allowed to sit in it!  We even experienced what it is like to spray the hose and wear the helmets of the fire crew.  It was a fantastic opportunity and we are very grateful to the crew for giving up their valuable time.


World Book Day Fun!

The children and staff all looked terrific yesterday dressed up as various book characters. It was great to see a range of costumes and we have been inspired to read new books. A big thank you to Year 5 for coming to read to us and also for listening to us read. We look forward to doing it again soon!