Buddy reading!

On Thursday Class 5 buddied up with Class 12 to share a favourite book. It was great to see the children reading together, exploring different books and talking to each other about what they were reading. Happy World Book Day!

World book day!

Tomorrow is World Book Day! In order to celebrate this we would please like the children to bring in a book from home that they enjoy reading that they would like to share. This is great opportunity for them to celebrate and share their love of reading and books.

Thank you! The Year 2 Team!

Caterpillar hunting!

Today we went searching for ‘caterpillars’ in the outdoor area. We pretended we were predators and swooped in our prey! The bright coloured ones were the easiest to find as they were not camouflaged in the foliage. The ones that were dark colours were trickier to find as they blended in with the green grass, bushes and plants. We decided that if we were a caterpillar then we would like to be brown, green or grey as we could then blend in with our surroundings and make it difficult for predators to find us and eat us!

Using a Website to find information

The children have been given the task to research information about castles. In computing, we have been practicing how to cut and paste both pictures or text into a word documents. Ask you child to use the links to find more about castles and bring them to the lesson next week.







More target practice!

Today we used our target practice skills and had a go at archery. We all tried really hard and our aim and force improved as the session progressed. Some of us even managed to hit the target! We were very pleased with our progress. We are looking forward to having another go later in the term!

Target practice!

Today Class 5 and Class 6 tried their hand at New Age Curling and New Age Boccia. The activities gave us the chance to think carefully about a range of skills including our aim, the amount of force we were using as well as our team tactics. We all had a great time and we hope to develop our skills further in future PE lessons.