How to……

In class we are learning how to write clear and detailed instructions.  So far we have made mustard sandwiches (to keep the seagulls from eating Mr Grinling’s lunch) and written a set of instructions to explain how to do this.  Today we made a fruit salad and thought carefully about the time words and bossy words (imperative verbs) that we could use to help us to write a really clear method.

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Shocking electricity!

Over the past few days we have been learning about electricity.  Firstly, we explored our school looking for items that are powered by electricity.  We then sorted these into whether they were powered by mains electricity, batteries or possibly even both!  We have also learnt a lot about how to stay safe around electricity and used this information to create some amazing electrical safety posters.  Later in the week we received a letter from Mr Grinling asking for our help to fix the light in his lighthouse.  We had to use our expertise about electrical circuits to create a full working circuit which included a light.  We were very pleased with our results and we hope Mr Grinling will be too!






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An exciting visit to the beach.

The children have become involved in lots of drama to remind themselves of their visit to Hunstanton in July. They then produced some fantastic postcards describing a visit to the beach. Have a look at the photos of the children enjoying the unexpected sunshine.

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Excellent Electricity!

This week we are learning about electricity. Today we have been on a walk around the school to find some electrical appliances. Some are battery operated and some run on mains electricity. Here is what we found.


Welcome to year 2: ways for you to help.

  1. Welcome to year 2 for all parents and children. We will use this blog to provide information for parents, share the children’s learning and as a way to give their work an audience. Below is some information about the classroom routines and ways to help your children.

Class Information:

  • Learning logs need to be handed in on Mondays to be marked. Your child should complete at least one piece of homework a week.
  • Mathletics homework has been assigned and we will be checking this weekly on a Friday.
  • Class 5 and 6 will have PE on Wednesday and Friday. Class 17 will have PE on a Monday and a Friday. Please ensure that you send your child with kit and that earings are removed on these days. PE kit needs to be provided at the beginning of term and will be sent home on the last day of half term to be washed.


  • Reading is a key focus for year 2.
  • We will be reading with your child regularly, focusing on fluency and understanding.
  • Your child may therefore be sent home with a text more than once, to ensure they can read it fluently and understand what they have read.
  • Please read and discuss books with your child at home at least four times a week, as this has the greatest impact on their overall learning.